Building, House and Office Cleaning

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Office Cleaning

Tohidul services provides the best office cleaning services in Dubai. We provide expert maids for commercial cleaning services. Clean and organized office is important to maintain a healthy and good working environment for your staff. Therefore, it is necessary to hire professional office cleaning services in Dubai.

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House Cleaning

We strive to offer the best house cleaning services for Dubai residents. we provide you with real choice and control over the services you receive so that you can achieve the best home environment that fits your family with the added experience you care for your guests. Our maids and cleaning teams are proficient in all house cleaning services and residential requirements including but not limited to quick cleaning; deep cleaning; laundry and ironing of clothes and linens.

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Sofa, Carpet Cleaning

Whether your sofa is made of leather or fabric, we have the right solution and manpower to offer you the best sofa deep cleaning services in Dubai. Our team of experienced professionals will work diligently to clean every nook and cranny of your sofa, removing all the dirt, dust, and stains that have built up over time.

Carpet shampooing is considered one of the most popular cleaning methods to improve the appearance and retain the cleanliness of carpets. The process involves the cleaning of carpets using water and other cleaning agents.

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Bathroom Cleaning

We provide professional cleaning staff or housekeepers to clean your toilet and bathrooms. We are a dedicated team of proficient professionals who are equipped with all necessary cleaning supplies. Be it your apartment, villa or office, we excel in bathroom cleaning service.

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Kitchen Cleaning

We provide extensive cleaning for your kitchen. Our services include dusting, cleaning interior and exterior of electrical appliances, cleaning countertops, sweeping and mopping floors, removing food waste, etc. Our cleaners thoroughly clean appliances and effectively remove stains, smudges from them. Our efficient team of maids will clean the entire kitchen surfaces, countertops, cupboards, tables, chairs and leave a fresh smell behind.

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Glass cleaning

Tohidul services offers exclusive glass window cleaning services that guarantee spotless window glass. We use organic products and special water-retention mops that use less water and cleaning solutions to clean dirty windows effectively. When cleaning the glass windows, we also clean the windowsills and frames.

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